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Your Supply Room Directory.

Streamlining supply location with unparalleled precision.

Designed by nurses, for nurses.

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Nurses are overburdened with searching for their supplies.

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1 in 3


nurses spends an average of an hour of each shift looking for medical supplies

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said they leave procedures to hunt for supplies

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of clinicians name locating or getting medical supplies restocked as their top time‑waster


Working With the Best

Your certified
Zebra Partner.

Allow medical professionals to use AskIris directly through their Zebra devices. 

Ask Iris

Zebra's TC52 and HC20/HC50 mobile computers offers a portable solution, enabling medical professionals to quickly locate necessary items with AskIris. The user-friendly interface of Zebra devices allows hospitals to navigate the supply room directory with ease, even in fast-paced clinical environments. Nurses can now focus more on delivering high-quality care to patients, while improving overall workflow efficiency.


Unlock Efficiency

Introducing AskIris, Your Supply Room Directory

See how AskIris can improve your staff's workflow.

Why Hospitals Choose AskIris

Optimize your Current IMS.

Quality of Care

Allowing hospital staff to spend more time on patient care while also decreasing frustration and increasing staff retention.

Time Efficiency Savings

Locate medical supplies in one tenth of the time as the manual search system. 

Customer Support

24 hour customer support service available for assistance with issues such as product setup and troubleshooting.

Easy Setup

Simple 3 step process. Or choose to have our team come to you.

40% less time to obtain and put away supplies

AskIris saves nursing floors time, frustration, and costs.




less time spent 

in the supply room



nurse retention in hospitals with advanced efficiency efforts


less time to replenish stock outs

Alexa Young

Registered Nurse

Mercy Hospital

“With AskIris, I am able grab and go, focusing more of my time on patient care rather than looking for supplies.”
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