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AskIris is a cutting-edge supply location application developed specifically for nurses in the healthcare industry. Created in response to the unique challenges faced by nurses and hospital staff, AskIris streamlines the process of locating and managing medical supplies. Our application was designed by nurses, for nurses, to address the inefficiencies inherent in traditional supply room operations.


In many hospitals, nurses and other medical staff waste valuable time searching for supplies, navigating outdated systems, and dealing with stockouts. AskIris was created to transform these manual processes by providing an intuitive platform that guides staff to the exact shelf and bin where each item is stored. With the integration of QR codes, locating supplies is faster and more accurate, ensuring that medical professionals can spend more time on patient care and less on administrative tasks.


AskIris also features real-time low stock alerts, empowering supply restockers to maintain optimal inventory levels and avoid disruptions. This proactive approach to inventory management enhances the overall efficiency of hospital operations and supports better patient outcomes.


Our mission at AskIris is to enhance hospital efficiency, improve patient care, and provide healthcare professionals with the tools they need to manage supplies effortlessly. By modernizing supply room management, AskIris helps hospitals maintain a smooth and efficient workflow, ensuring that every nurse has the right tools at the right time.

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