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Key Features

Voice to Search

Embark on a new era of convenience with AskIris's voice-to-search feature. Our innovative technology allows users to effortlessly find medical supplies through natural spoken commands. Simply activate the voice-to-search function, articulate your requirements, and let AskIris intelligently navigate its vast database, providing you with swift and hands-free access to essential medical supply location.


Product Code

Effortlessly locate supplies already in hand by scanning product codes using your device's camera. This intuitive feature instantly directs to the item's shelf location. Say goodbye to manual searches and hello to efficiency as AskIris transforms the way healthcare professionals find supplies through seamless and precise product code scanning. 


Quick Lists

Create customized lists of frequently used items or specific supplies with just a few taps, enabling swift and organized procurement. This time-saving feature ensures that healthcare professionals can access their essential supplies rapidly, and enhancing overall productivity. Experience the convenience of the quick list feature in AskIris, putting control and speed at your fingertips for seamless medical supply procurement.

Search Filters

Navigate through the software with ease as healthcare professionals can now refine their search based on specific hospital floors, ensuring a targeted and efficient procurement process. This feature empowers healthcare teams to locate essential supplies with accuracy, enhancing overall operational efficiency within different areas of the hospital. 


Low/Out of Stock Alerts

Stay ahead of your medical supply needs with AskIris's proactive low stock and out-of-stock alerts. By receiving instant notifications on low stock levels or items going out of stock, users can take swift actions to restock, optimize inventory, and maintain seamless operations. Elevate your supply chain management with AskIris's alert system, providing the foresight needed to keep your medical facility well-equipped and responsive.

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