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Your Supply Room Directory.

AskIris transforms hospital staff efficiency by expediting supply location to the exact shelf and bin the item is in for a seamless experience, modernizing manual processes. 


Your certified
Zebra Partner.

Allow medical professionals to use AskIris directly through their Zebra devices. 

Ask Iris

Zebra's TC52 and HC20/HC50 mobile computers offers a portable solution, enabling nurses to quickly locate necessary items with AskIris. The user-friendly interface of Zebra devices allows nurses to navigate the supply room directory with ease, even in fast-paced clinical environments. Nurses can now focus more on delivering high-quality care to patients, while improving overall workflow efficiency.

Unlock Efficiency: 

Introducing AskIris, Your Supply Room Directory

See how AskIris can improve your staff's workflow.

Optimize your Current IMS.

AskIris seamlessly integrates with existing hospital inventory management systems, offering a robust solution to enhance efficiency and streamline the entire supply chain process.


IMS integration

Optimize your Current IMS

Master Inventory, from Planning to Execution 

With more SKUs and more ways to purchase than ever before, the pressure is on to optimize inventory at every level of your organization.


Quick Location of Items

AskIris allows stockers to quickly locate items in the supply room, saving time and reduces the likelihood of errors or delays in fulfilling supply requests.

Training Efficiency

For new personnel, AskIris serves as a valuable training tool providing clear guidance on where items are located.

Improved Organization

Stockers can follow a systematic approach, ensuring that items are stored in a way that makes sense and is easy to navigate.

Why Hospitals Choose AskIris

Quality of Care

Allowing hospital staff to spend more time on patient care while also decreasing frustration and increasing staff retention.

Time Efficiency Savings

Locate medical supplies in one tenth of the time as the manual search system. 

Customer Support

24 hour customer support service available for assistance with issues such as product setup and troubleshooting.

Easy Setup

Simple 3 step process. Or choose to have our team come to you.

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